Our story

The HEINEKEN Africa Foundation believes in Africa and the potential of its people.

We also believe that everybody deserves good quality healthcare. Unfortunately many communities in Sub-Saharan African countries do not have access to basic healthcare and clean water. Therefore the HEINEKEN Africa Foundation supports projects that improve the health for those people that need it most. Because everybody deserves to live a healthy life.

Over the years the Foundation has built a strong expertise on Mother & Child Care and Water, Sanitation and Hygiëne (WASH) projects. Both Mother & Child Care and WASH are crucial for the earliest beginning of life and are highly interdependent. Small improvements in these two areas can have big positive effects for communities now and in the future.

Since its launch in 2007 the HEINEKEN Africa Foundation has committed up to EUR 13,5 million to 128 different projects focused on health and water. Since it concerns an endowment fund, the Foundation has been able to spend approximately EUR 1 million per year.