Requests for funding of projects can be made by employees of local operating companies of Heineken in Sub-Sahara Africa as well as by Advisory Board Members of the Heineken Africa Foundation. To ensure the Foundation projects receive local support, the commitment of the General Manager of the local operating company is required. The Heineken Africa Foundation trustees have the final responsibility.

Funding Criteria for Health Projects

Projects can be capital investments and/or projects leading to local capacity building. The project proposals will have to adhere to the following criteria:

  1. The proposal must directly lead to the improvement of the health of the people who live in the environment of a Heineken Sub-Sahara African organisation.
  2. The proposal must include a partnership between the local Heineken operation and a non-governmental or governmental organisation.
  3. A sustainable follow-up or clear conclusion of the project must be guaranteed.
  4. The project must have an effective positive impact in the vicinity of the Heineken operation.
  5. Commitment of the General Manager of the local Heineken operation is required.

The Heineken Africa Foundation prefers projects in smaller cities / villages and promotes the integration of the local brewery operating systems (in terms of distribution, warehousing, sales, financial expertise) with the health project. Requests for funding must be directly related to concrete needs. The average funding per project is between € 50,000 to € 75,000 per annum, for a maximum of three years.

Examples of (non)-eligible projects:

Examples of eligible and non-eligible proposals
Examples of eligible proposalsExamples of non-eligible proposals
Bed net community programme Health-related summits / conferences
Purchase of clinic equipment / infrastructure Forestry project
Water & sanitation improvement projects Patient referral abroad

Geographical outreach

Funding will be allocated in areas where Heineken has a clear infrastructure and presence of management. Currently Heineken has operations in the following countries in Sub-Sahara Africa: Democratic Republic of Congo, Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, South Africa and Namibia.

Excluded from funding

Heineken Africa Foundation will not fund projects that may lead to a direct commercial benefit for the local Heineken operation. Funding from Heineken Africa Foundation may not replace health benefits currently provided to Heineken employees and their family members. Lastly, the Heineken Africa Foundation will not fund research projects, medical or health-related events and conferences; it will neither sponsor projects related specifically to adolescents.

Application and timeline

Applications can be submitted via the relevant Heineken operating company. The General Manager of the Heineken Africa Foundation can advise on project proposal ideas. Please contact for further information.

Once an application has been fully completed the form can be submitted to the General Manager. After a first review of the application, the manager may request additional information or make suggestions for improvement. Following this, the application will be sent to the independent Heineken Africa Foundation Advisory Board, who will advise the Board of Trustees of the Foundation. The trustees make the final decision to accept or reject the application. Feedback will be provided to the applicant by the General Manager within two weeks after the Board of Trustees has made a decision.


The deadline for the next proposal round is 1 April 2016.

proposals received by
General Manager
quality check / reviewadvisory board /
trustees reading
January – March April May First week of July

In special cases, the Board of Trustees reserves the right to deviate from this schedule.